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Watercolor Art Print of a Lighthouse - Link to the Lighthouse Gallery Oil Painting Wall Art Print of a people on the street by village shops - Link to the Street Scenes / People Gallery Oil Painting Wall Art print of a corner building in downtown Seattle - Link to the Architecture Gallery Oil Painting Wall Art Print of a fishing village - Link to the Landscapes Oil Gallery Oil Painting Wall Art Print of a collage of decorative fruit - Link to the Floral - Still Life Gallery Abstract Oil Wall Art Print of bright shapes - Link to the Abstract Oil Gallery Color Photograph of a country road with a prayer on it - Link to the Inspiration Gallery Black and White Photograph of an old stable - Link to the Black and White Photography 1 Gallery Color Photograph of Fall Leaves - Link to the Color Photography Gallery Oil Painting Wall Art Print of Hot Air Balloons - Link to the Hot Air Balloon Gallery

The Wall Gallery is a collection of wall art prints and posters by artist and photographer Kirt Tisdale. I have been creating art since I can remember. I have been blessed with having my work featured in various venues. What drives me is the beauty in the world with which we live. I remember as a kid looking up at the clouds and watching them change shape...if they could only stay in one shape long enough for me to enjoy and appreciate them....but that's not how it works. What I can do though, is take a moment and freeze it. The beauty around us needs to be savored, contemplated and appreciated. Good art invokes an emotional response either through the scene depicted or the colors used. For your wall art, I hope prints do the the same for you with the collections in the various galleries. For photography art prints, I have two black and white galleries and a color gallery. If it is sketches you enjoy for your wall art, I have a black and white sketches gallery. My painting style wall art covers a range of subjects such as Abstract, Hot Air Balloons, Lighthouses, Street Scenes, Cityscapes, Archtitecture, Gardens, Tropical, Still Life, Inspirational and Landscapes. Enjoy the different galleries as I invite you to share in my love of art and take some home for your own Wall Gallery! Art prints start at $10.00 (domestic orders over $60.00 - free shipping). All prints are copyrighted. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. Kirt Tisdale

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